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RT Model RT 35/36SB
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This floorplan is almost exactly the same as our longer RT38/39SB. To shorten the floorplan and reduce weight so it would be more towable with a 3/4 ton tow vehicle we removed the RT38/39SB’s bedroom recliner chair. With the recliner's space removed, the overall floorplan length was shortened accordingly.

**The following description applies to both the RT35/36SB and the RT38/39SB**

Both floorplans have very unique, spacious, liveable floor-plans:

Rare extra long couch/ air-mattress sofa bed (see interior snap-shots); big enough for an adult to stretch out full length. Full width couch/sofa beds are almost impossible to find in any fifthwheel as there normally is not enough fore/aft space in the big slide-out for a big couch/sofa bed. However, by placing the entry door at the bathroom aisle (normally lost space in a side aisle) a big living-room slide-out space is now made available for a standard home sized couch/sofa bed. Look at the extra getaway space in bedroom for a recliner or for projects, ie sewing. The very large “L” shaped kitchen has a huge amount of well placed, usable counter space along with attendant cabinet space. For full timing, this functional floor-plan is almost impossible to beat. And to completment the extra loarg couch/sofa bed are the most comfortable, home sized wall hugger recliners available anywhere. And optional real solid granite countertops! And standard durable hardwood cabinet stiles!

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