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The Americana Way - IT's nice to be liked
A nice letter from a satisfied customer
Now that Barbara and I have been on the road for a little over a month and getting used to our new 5th Wheel I would like to take a moment and thank Americana RV, Jerry, Anita and Russ for the wonderful service you provided us. I can't tell you how much we like our new 5th Wheel and how much we really consider it home.

When we came to see you in California back in April, Barbara was the one that was very hesitant on getting an Americana. She liked so many others that we saw and we had been looking for over a year. One day Barbara tripped over your website and that started the curiosity. We did so much research and ordered your video and watched it several times with family and friends. Then Barbara said ok we can look at them but she had to see one in person (she is a touchy, feely, person)., so a trip to California was made.

While there we made every effort to keep looking for just the right trailer and believe me Barbara found several. The time finally came that we were able to see the Americana and boy was I impressed. The quality was everything that was talked about on the video and more. The workmanship, the quality of wood used (yes wood) and the structure of the trailer. Yes it was much better to see in person than on a video. If we hadn?t gone to California we would of never been treated the way we had. Jerry, Anita and Russ where all there and they all took some time to show us one thing or another about the trailer. Anita and Barbara spent time picking out colors, I spent time with Jerry learning about the air bags, air compressor, the under belly, how the drawers were put together and Russ showed me how air bags where used on their truck and much, much more. You guys took so much time with us it didn?t matter to us as long as all our questions where answered and we where completely satisfied.

We decided to take the drive Elkhart, Indiana (our home away from home) to pick up our 5th Wheel and start our trip there. I would like to say that Ron at American RV and the two guys that work there where awesome. When we got there they were so hospitable and caring I was totally amazed. Ron spent 2-days with no interruptions with us showing us how to work everything and even had his guys come and show us how the electronics of the solar panel system works and more. Any questions we had they answered. The last day we where with Ron (we stayed on his lot in our trailer hooked up to outside hook ups) he took us out for driving lessons. After he felt we were confrontable we left and went to the nearest campground, Elkhart Campground where we stayed for the next 3 wks. off and on while waiting on the air mattress we ordered. During this time we had minor repairs that needed fixing and we had a few items of our own that we asked Ron if they could do, without hesitation he said just before you leave the area bring in the trailer and we will do everything, and they did, perfectly.

Barbara and I would like to thank everyone who had a hand in making our transition to our new5th wheel trailer a smooth one and for making new friends in the process. During our trip to Maine (where we are now) we have had a lot of inquires and people wanting to look inside. More and more people are impressed everywhere we go. Oh and by the way Russ and Jerry you where right the trailer pulls so smoothly I hardly know its there. Again thanks to all of you.

Lou and Barbara Bashor
Full Time RVers

Our response:


Lou and Barbara -

Thanks very much for your thoughtful note. I'm sure many of our customers feel as you do, however very few take the time or are able to express themselves, as you have.

I have been in the RV business almost 40 years and it has taken that many years to find the wonderful folks who work with us today. Jerry and Anita have gone through a very tough year caused by medical considerations, which have very positively reformed their lives and sense of values. Ron Green, family and his team are real jewels. What fun it is to work with trustworthy professionals.

We know that the "start" sets an important course for your journey. We find that we are not purveyors of fifthwheels but are providers of a means for a new and exciting life style adventure.

Have a great adventure.


PS I will forward your note to Jerry, Anita and Ron.
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