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Fuel Efficiency and Performance- Hansen towing report
Hansen Towing Report
Jack and Janet Hansen in the left foreground, at one of our Amish food group feeds. The evening food break was during their factory order checkout day, near the factoy in Nappanee, Indiana.

Hansen Towing Report
The Hansens’ tow vehicle is a few years old Dodge 4X4 Diesel 3/4 ton, and as we recall it had 92,000 miles on the odometer when being taken for the Hansen’s test and check drive. Great towing report!!
Continuing the Hansens’s factory order saga . . . . returning home to Central Washington from the Indiana factory; over the Rocky Mountains and the Continental Divid

From: "Jack and Janet Hansen" <jack@net>
To: "Russ Anderson" <>
Subject: Greetings from Central, Washington

Hi Russ:

Janet and l had a wonderful trip back to Wenatchee from Elkhart with our fantastic new Americana. We put the unit to a wide variety of conditions and it passed them all with flying colors.

In Chicago we hit exceptionally heavy urban traffic. The maneuverability of the Americana was really put to the test, it was unbelievable how well the unit moved thru the traffic.

In Nebraska we encountered heavy winds in excess of 40 MPH. While others appeared to experience difficulty with the wind the Americana towed like a dream. When we stopped for the night many of the other units in the RV park were shaking with the wind. We were calm and steady.

Going over one of Wyoming's high passes (nearly 10,000 Ft.) and in a raging blizzard the unit really tracked well. On the way down off the pass the brakes really worked well and we encountered no sliding at all. The next morning we awoke to find 14" of new snow on us and temperatures in the lower 20s. We were snug and warm.

Alas, though Mr. Murphy paid us a visit. The Refrigerator quit on the first day out. So we converted to an icebox for the remainder of the trip. Dometic readily agreed to replace the fridge. Prior to delivering it to the RV repair shop the trucking company smashed it with a fork lift. So a second new refrigerator is on its way.

I was really impressed with the towing capability of the Americana. In nearly 40 years of RVing I have not encountered such a magnificent master of the road as our unit. I found my fuel consumption in the new 35 foot rig was nearly the same as in our old 30 foot rig (a ?92 Dutchmen). The Americana outperformed the old unit in every way.

I have expressed my pleasure in the towability of the Americana but both Janet and I exceptionally pleased with the comfort and the luxury of the rig. It is indeed a privilege and a pleasure to travel in it. Thanks. Jack and Janet Hansen

Experienced RV’ers from all over the country are placing factory orders for our new light weight, aerodynamic, 4 seasons, GS35/36RL

Hansen Towing Report
Optional counter extension upgrades for the GS35/36RL triple-slide: One 16” X 40” extension will foldup toward the livingroom and one at counter’s end, extends toward the dining area (huge functional kitchen counter space). Sharon Norman (new “full-timer” from Lander, Wyoming) is standing next to her counter extensions in her GS35/36RL.
Hansen Towing Report
Gay & Cheri Sharp, shoppers from Wisconsin, met with us at 7:00AM for breakfast to discuss requirements and then looked over our customer’s shoulders during their checkout to familiarize themselves with theAmericana models. Agreat way to shop us and our product!! The Sharps are relaxing with Teddy in our #1 GS35/36RL livingroom
Hansen Towing Report  
Bill and Connie Anderson from Fairfield, California just took delivery of their new GS35/36RL triple-slide at our service center in So. California. Bill was tickled that his new Dodge 3500 4X4 dually, 6 speed, Cummins Turbo Diesel - cruised up the California 6% and 7% mountain grades @ 55MPH without a struggle. Good for Dodge, Cummins and the relatively light weight and aerodynamic 4 seasons Americana model design.
We build “tuff” fifthwheels for tough customers
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