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The Travel Bug
Americana RV New Americana presents the very new, very cool, and very green Seqouyah Travel Bug Fifthwheel. There is not another fifthwheel like it on the planet, or designed to help save the planet the way this one is. At only 28 feet in length, this low profile, double slide-out model features many patent pending, cutting edge features and design elements. It's a whole new fifthwheel for a new world.

The compact Travel Bug practically creates space with it's innovative design. The patent-pending, heated, full basement is like having an entire second level, perfect for storing and hauling all your toys and-
odds and ends. The heated basement is big enough for a Kayak or similar cargo. The Travel Bug 28 is simply a shortened version of the 34 Sequoyah. Same basement, same aerodynamic design, same nose, same rear cap, same flat floor with no climbing up to a bedroom/bathroom, same basic bedroom with a large counter for the ladies, and the same functionally sized kitchen (including the unique 30 inch deep kitchen sink return counter). See the basement and other features at the Sequoyah page. The exciting interior layout provides unbelievable square footage of sun drenched living space - amazing and unheard of in a 28 foot fifth wheel! Take a look at the floorplan at the bottom of the page.

Small trucks can tow the Travel Bug without a problem. No need for a big, dedicated 1 ton pickup to tow the Travel Bug. Short box trucks, crew cab models, and most half tons can tow the travel bug with ease. Hook 'em up, move 'em problem! Stretch options: Should you feel you would like more living room or desk space, the back wall/picture window could be moved back 3 feet. And if a King bed is really necessary, the bedroom can be expanded 1 foot in length, to allow for an RV 72 X 80 King sized mattress. However, these selected stretches would add weight and would most likely move the Travel Bug out of the towing capacity of HD 1/2 ton trucks and into the tow capacity rating of a 3/4 ton Truck. Many of our customers want to use their short bed 4 door tow vehicle as a practical daily driver.

The majority of the high-quality features you would expect from Americana are still available and can be ordered with the Travel Bug 28: 4 way leveling air-ride suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, instant continuous hot water,vessel bathroom sinks, and on and on. See the feature options on the unique options page. But more than just being a great, practical, little fifth wheel, the Travel Bug is designed to be as self contained as possible, and the most eco-friendly fifthwheel ever produced. There has never been a fifth wheel like the Travel Bug, one that breaks new ground over and over for eco-friendly travel.

Light weight and aerodynamic, the Travel Bug is the most fuel efficient fifth wheel in the world. Patented aerodynamic spoilers help the Travel Bug reduce rear air-flow drag significantly, creating a smoother and more fuel efficient towing experience. Reduced towing width and a smaller frontal area also diminish aerodynamic drag and contribute to better fuel efficiency and towing performance. Our original design was to meet the requirements of the export market, where importing countries do have have the large engines available for towing that are enjoyed by US RVers.

Solar power?? You bet! The Travel Bug gets it's power directly from the source - the sun. Combined with powerful, long lasting commercial grade batteries and a state of the art inverter system, the Travel Bug can run all your electrical needs without ever plugging in. Ignore the cord! No need for outside power and no need to go through the hassle and expense of filling messy propane tanks.Camp where you want, when you want, for as long as you want, and know that your time spent communing with the great outdoors is also helping the great outdoors survive and thrive for generations to come.

For more information, or to place an order (or to inquire about purchasing one of our demo models), call us at 800-552-5210 or send us an e-mail. Travel Bug fifth wheels are built to order at our custom shop in Southern California. In order to insure that Americana quality is built into each unit, production is limited to 4 per month. Reserve your spot in the production queue today!

The Travel Bug also comes in a 24 Front Bath model. The livingroom becomes a bedroom at night. Yes, the bed has to be made up, but look at the other great liveability features. And the super sized full basement allows your good "stuff" to not to be left behind.

The Travel Bugs - 28 on the top, 24 below: Travel Bug Fifthwheel 28 Floorplan Travel Bug Fifthwheel 24 Floorplan

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