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The Americana Way - Nebraska Home
Nebraska Home
The Meiers contemplating their new Americana Model.
Mel and Kay Meier are a retired couple from Nebraska who had shopped, shopped, and shopped, and then shopped some more for a new fifthwheel, so by the time they took a close look at the Americana Model, they were pretty well educated on what they wanted, and also knew that they hadn't found it yet. After talking to Russ and seeing what the Americana Model had to offer, they knew that they had found what they were looking for. But even though they like the Americana Model, they knew that buying their new fifthwheel was a big decision. They asked Russ if he would put them in touch with somebody who had already bought an Americana Model, so Russ obliged them and contacted customer Don Metzger to see if he would mind answering any questions the Meiers might have. Don said "No Problem" and corresponded with the Meiers via e-mail. Click on the link below to read Don's letter to the Meiers.
E-mail from the Metzgers to the Meiers
The combination of receiving the e-mail from Don, working with Russ (one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry), and enjoying the overall strength and value of the product itself, led the Meiers to purchase an Americana Model fifthwheel. In order to save freight, they arranged to pick up their new unit at the factory. After they arrived home with their new fifthwheel Kay wrote Russ the following e-mail about their experiences, including an account of driving much of the way herself! Click on the link below to read that e-mail.
After the drive home with their new RV
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