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Sequoyah Model Fifth Wheel - Livingroom and Kitchen
Americana Sequoyah Fifthwheel
Above is the view from the kitchen toward the back of the fifth wheel. The kitchen counter is in the foreground, with the dining table, sofa, and recliner chairs beyond.

For a video tour of the Sequoyah interior features, go to the Sequoyah Interior Video page.

Americana Sequoyah Fifthwheel
Looking toward the sofa from the bonus room slide-out area.

Americana Sequoyah Fifthwheel
The bonus room is to the right, with the kitchen and bedroom beyond.

Americana Sequoyah Fifthwheel
The view looking forward from the other side of the fifth wheel, with the sofa and dining table on the left, and the kitchen counter directly in front.

Americana Sequoyah Fifthwheel
This is the compartment for the washer/dryer. It sits below the kitchen counter.

Americana Sequoyah Fifthwheel
The comfiest chairs in all of RV-dom. These recliners are not RV recliners, but wall hugging home recliners. Try them, you'll see what we are talking about. Teddy knows...

Americana Sequoyah Fifthwheel
Huge solid surface kitchen counters, and a monstrous sink that can handle big 'ol pots and pans. Another way we bring home to your fifth wheel.

Americana Sequoyah Fifthwheel
Same thing, different angle. That metal thing on the right is the flat screen TV mount.
The 30 inch, solid surface counter top.
Looking across the 30 inch counter top toward the recliners and bonus room.
Home size recliners.
The kitchen and bonus room.
Teddy in the bonus room.
Looking toward the kitchen from the recliners.
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