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Continuous hot water system
Continuous "on demand" tank-less hot water system:
Continuous Hot Water System
We are always looking for innovative system that improve our Americana 5th wheel. We have stated many times we have to "lead the industry, we can't follow". Conventional water heaters with limited water storage tanks are just plain out-dated today. Our Americana owners and prospective buyers don't like to be limited to very short showers and baths especially when the children and grandchildren come to visit. Conventional water heaters are not very efficient and take time to recycle for the next user, so it can take several hours bathing the "kids and grandkids".
Continuous Hot Water System
Continuous on demand hot water is not new - it's been around in residential construction for a very long time. The problem was fitting it to an RV application. Residential systems work on natural gas,are 110 powered and stationary. RV's are 110 and 12 volt powered, they use LP gas, and are definity not stationary. Continuous on demand water systems havebeen tested for years m the big 1/2 million dollar Diesel pusher motorhomes Water weighs about 9 pounds per gallon (most water heaters have 10 gallon tanks)and therefor we save at least 8O lbs that we don't have to drag down the road, as our system is tankless.Our personal test results have proven our continuous on demand hot water system works flawlessly and is very efficient.We ordered a peraonal 2006 GS38/39RL 4 slide and put it through a real series of tests. We operated our test coach June, July and August in an PV park in California. We picked the summer months and mild climate on purpose so we could test the efficiency of our hot water system. We did not use the furnace and ran ihe refrigerator on electnc. In the 3 month test we used an astonishing 2.7 gallons of LP when we re-filled the bottle.

We then transported the coach To Bullhead City, Arizona, parked il beside the house and set it up for Ihe extreme test -- CHILDREN AND GRAND - CHILDREN. Our Amencana test coach served as our resort when the family visited to run their boats, dune buggies and off road vehides. This worked out very well as they had a place to go at night and we didn't have to put them up in the house. They loved the idea of coming to grandpa's and grandma's and staying in our Americana 5th wheel after their very long day. They had the feeling they were at a nice campground but were really next to the house. My daughter loved the fact she could bathe all 3 grandchildren one after the other in secession without running out of hot water or having to wait for the wafer to re-heat. She also liked the idea of taking that 30 minute shower before collapsing for the evening.
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